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Fun & Games

Photo: Nadia Graham

Looking for something to kill off a few minutes at work? Here’s a few Saracen-related things (which makes it OK to do at work) you can occupy your time with:

Saracen photos
In case you’ve missed the past little while and are looking for some visual reminders of what’s happened around here.
Ian Diddams’ guides to rugby
In these four essential guides, Diddams covers some of the key positions of rugby. Must reads for anyone considering playing first division.
Saracens graphics
Looking for a way to spice up your monthly emails to mom? Look no further: once she sees these gems, she’ll forget all about the $378 you owe her from that fire extinguisher accident.
Rugby cartoons
Finally, an escape from the serious and solemn world of rugby.
Online rugby video games
Jonny’s overrated. You should see me slot the kicks through from half-way at Twickenham.