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From the Saracen Press

Divisional Restructuring

Posted on 2002-01-19 by Agustin Louro

The 2002 season will witness a couple of changes in the organisation of the Saracens Rugby Club.

There will be a new women's squad in the club this year: in addition to the second division squad inaugurated in '99, the Saracens will present a first division women's side for the first time in their history. In part to provide challenge for the more experienced players and in part to allow for a growing number of new players, it was decided that the introduction of the new team would foster the growth of the club. The new first XV will likely be made up mostly from current players, while the second division side will provide a setting for the development of players, juniors and seniors alike.

The other change does not involve the addition of a new team, but rather the re-categorisation of an existing one. As per the rearrangement agreed on at the Alberta Minor Rugby Association AGM today, the Saracens will present an under-16 side rather than an under-17 one this year. The change is brought about in large part by a decision of the Canadian Rugby Union to host under-16 national championships rather than an under-17 competition. It will also serve to provide the opportunity for junior high school aged boys and girls to participate in the sport with their peers.