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From the Saracen Press

Thirds Fall to Canucks

Posted on 2001-07-26 by Agustin Louro

For the fifth time in the season, the Green, Black, and White faced off against the Double Blue. For the fourth time in the season, the outcome favoured the latter.

A rather thrown-together bunch from the Saracens took the field fifteen minutes late (due to a tardy referee) against arguably the top third division side in the league last night. Despite having a rather strong breeze opposing them, the Canucks were able to score a try in the opening minutes of the first stanza, which they promptly converted from under the posts. At this point the referee, who had been temporarily replaced by a capable Canuck, arrived and began to set the stage for the rest of the game. The 8-9-10 combination for the home side proved a formidable antagonist for the entire Saracen thirds, as they were allowed to gain ground by hesitant defense.

The pattern continued throughout the first period and into the second as time after time the Canucks touched down after numerous phases along the ground. They did this despite a lack of creativity on the part of their two halfbacks, and through a strong display of straight-up rugby. Their number nine controlled the attack nicely from the base; and although there was little variation to his decisions, they generally proved effective. The final score of 38-0 reflected well their dominance.

The highlights for the Saracens were scarce, but one was man of the match and newcomer Jason (insert surname here). His tackling on the day was almost flawless and he showcased his speed on more than one occasion. Another was the combination of scrum half Tim Kong and flyhalf Dave Banfield. Despite having never played together in these positions, the two were able to function well and predict each other's movements nicely. With a little more joint experience, these two could be an awesome force in the league.

The Thirsty Thirds now look forward to a long break– until August 11 at which time they play the Irish at their field.