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From the Saracen Press

Old Boys and Minis Underway

Posted on 2003-05-27 by Agustin Louro and Eric Willis

The Old Boys season got underway this past Friday with the lads playing home to the Saints at the CRU. Under a cloudless evening sky with a light breeze, watched but more than a dozen fans the game began. What happened for the next 60 minutes should remain in the players' minds for some time to come.

Old Boys and Minis Underway

We valiantly stood up to 'em until late in the first half where we sustained a couple of key injuries; we did have a thin reserve bench— one— and played on till the half.

We were down on points at this point, but our resolve was high. Began the second half with some strong play but it was to prove fruitless; the backs of the Saints were running hard and our tackling was lacking. Fitness also proved to thwart our most lusty efforts to score. We however did have some scoring: a beautiful push-over try by the forwards in the first half; in the second, again the forwards set up a lovely score, driving hard and eventually put in by the backs. A nice display of the fake/slide stole a cheeky try late in the second half but unfortunately it would not be enough as the Saints went on to win.

This Saturday saw the inauguration of the Saracens' mini-rugby programme at a festival at the CRU, where we were finely represented by players from 7 to 14 years old. The under-8s, -10s, and -12s joined forces with the also undermanned Hornets and although the scores were not kept, everyone had a great time and is very much looking forward to playing again next weekend.

The under-14s, under the guidance of Bob Bourke and John Croft (mini-rugby regular Colin Hill was unable to attend), put on great performances in shutting out two CCIAC opponents. Had time not run out on the tourney and games canceled, the young Saracens would likely have done us all proud in the final. Just like their younger counterparts, everyone had a great time and can't wait to play again next weekend. John Croft fortunately had a camera handy, and so was able to take photos of the games: 1 2 3 4 5 6