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From the Saracen Press

Seconds, Thirds In Playoffs

Posted on 2002-09-10 by Agustin Louro

Congratulations to the second- and third-division men's teams on clinching playoff spots. The firsts? Maybe.

The 4-1 Second XV have only one game remaining in their regular season. Almost certainly, the squad will end up in third place regardless of the result, but a win would give them an outside shot at finishing second. Aside from the associated pride, finishing second rather than third has no practical advantages, as the numbers two and three teams play each other in the first round of the playoffs, and there is virtually no chance that the Saracens' first-round opponent would be from out of town. More than likely, the seconds will face the Canucks in the city semi-finals on September 21.

The thirds now boast a 9-2 record and can only be caught for top place by Lethbridge– whom they have beaten once and lost to once. A win in their final game against the Irish on the 18th of September would almost definitely seal a first place finish for the boys in the brand-new track suits. As it looks now, the thirds would play the Irish again in the first round of playoffs, but there are a lot of results to be tallied yet.

The firsts can still make the playoffs, but require a Druids win over the Irish this weekend to make it. In a strange little quirk of the first division competition, it is still a possibility that the First XV not make the playoffs but win the Alberta Cup in the process.