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From the Saracen Press

AGM Highlights

Posted on 2001-11-12 by Agustin Louro

This year's AGM featured reports from last year's executive board members, the addition of a new position on the executive board, and more.

This year's AGM was much better attended than last year's— perhaps a sign that the membership is gaining interest in the politics of the club. The meeting began, as always, with the reading of the minutes from last year's AGM— nothing too exciting here.

Reports from the outgoing executive board followed. Rob Amey (President) recalled our improvements on the pitch, citing our playoff success and regular season victories. Todd Benson (VP Administration) told of happenings in the CRU, highlit by new developments in the youth rugby area. Neil Pozak (Treasurer) told us that everyone who hasn't yet done so must pay their dues. Sally Benson (VP Women's Rugby) offered thanks to Cardie Whitburn for all her work in the past seasons and wished her well in her endeavours in Australia. Augie Louro (VP Junior Rugby) congratulated the under-19s on their Provincial Championship and hoped that the under-17 and under-15 programmes would be stronger in 2002. Steve Sparrow (Clubhouse Director) didn't really have much to say.

With thanks to the old executive, it was time to elect a new one, and here it is:

  • President: Dan Amey
  • VP Administration: Todd Benson
  • Treasurer: Neil Pozak
  • VP Men's Rugby: Rob Amey
  • VP Women's Rugby: Sally Benson
  • VP Junior Rugby: Augie Louro
  • VP Fundraising: Beart Graham
  • VP Public Relations: Tom Malin
  • Secretary: Gavin Schafer
  • Clubhouse Director: Jeff Robertson
  • Directors: Nadia Graham, Daryl Bailey, Cory Smandych

Lastly came the New Business part of the afternoon, and a couple of hours were spent discussing (sometimes seemingly fruitlessly) the internal workings of the club. (This information won't be posted since it is to be known only to club members.)

Keep your eyes open for announcements regarding the players' meeting.