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From the Saracen Press

Friday Night

Posted on 2003-02-17 by Stan Gamey

All that was promised and more!

Friday February 7th 2003 saw the triumphant return of a great Saracen tradition. With a few “seasoned” veterans leading the charge the younger Saracen Whelps soon caught on to what makes a Friday night with the Saracens so unique. The evening was full of banter, debauchery, and laughter. The highlight of the evening came during the wee hours, it being a demonstration on how to defend a two on one while seated at the bar. This is a basic manoeuvre in which the defender tackles both opposition while they sit unsuspectingly at the bar drinking beer. This demonstration resulted in our first “Rugby” injury of the year.

The last beer was quaffed at the early hour of 5 o'clock (AM that is) with the evenings face painting recipient already blissfully dreaming of balls (rugby balls??? maybe) on our luxurious sofa bed.

Next Friday social is March 7th
Happy hour is 8 – 9 pm.
Special prices for Bell Ringers