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Building Character Since 1958

Our Mission: To develop a love of the game of rugby through respect, competition and camaraderie.

We seek to provide a safe, fun and inclusive environment for players, coaches, and supporters of all ages and abilities and to create a lifelong family and further the Calgary Saracen RFC legacy.

Focused in NW Calgary and the surrounding area, we create a community of support, fun, and belonging and provide quality rugby teams for people of all ages and abilities (men, women, boys and girls) who want to learn, play, or support the sport of rugby. The Calgary Saracens promote a positive, healthy experience, while offering structured and skillful teaching and coaching of rugby.

Who we are

We love rugby!

We play and support rugby because it’s fun! Saracens strive to win – but not at all costs. Our players enjoy training and Saracens play fair.  We use rugby to build a healthy lifestyle and develop life skills. Our supporters love watching the game and building the club. Saracens love being ambassadors for the rugby community.

We are family.

When you become a Saracen, you gain teammates and make lifelong friendships. Saracens love and respect one another. We laugh together. Even when we struggle to see eye-to-eye, Saracens listen to each other and work through their differences, becoming stronger than before. Saracens look out for each other.

“We play rugby because we love the game. We are Saracens because we love each other.” – John Verrall

We embody Saracen Pride from cradle to grave.

From the first time we wear the green crescent until our dying days, we are proud to be Saracens. We aim for excellence – both for our club and for ourselves; on and off the rugby pitch. Saracens walk tall and are accountable to themselves and each other.

We are respectful.

Respect is integral to everything we do.  We respect our match officials and accept their decisions. We respect opposition players and supporters. We value our coaches and those who run our clubs and treat clubhouses with consideration. Saracens believe in creating a welcoming and respectful environment for all players and rugby fans. We respect diversity and recognize the inherent value and potential of all players. We hold rugby values and traditions in high esteem and earn the respect of others in the way we behave