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From the Saracen Press

Hello from an old friend

Posted on 2001-11-12 by Agustin Louro

Kevin Tuhua dropped me a line a couple of days ago. I just thought I'd post it here.

Just wanted to congratulate you in your effort to promote the Saracens RFC with this site. I really enjoy reading the various items in here as well as hearing the results from the guys' and girls' games. It makes me very proud to hear that every team in the club is moving forward in leaps and bounds.

I have had a few of the boys come visit me here in NZ and everyone that came here brought back a flood of memories to me. It's not until somebody from the Sarries turns up that it hits home how much I miss you all and miss being there enjoying a beer or 12 at the club; the sound of the bell being rung from a bottle top rebounding off of someone's head and the “YAY” from the gang in or around the bar. I hope to come visit one day and maybe catch some of the teams playing (and winning).

Until then, keep up the great work both on and off the field. I'm still very humble to be a part of the Saracens albeit at heart and the 3 seasons I spent there are stil a highlight of my rugby years. Kia Kaha, God bless, and best wishes to all.