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From the Saracen Press

Saracens off to a Good Start

Posted on 2002-05-28 by Agustin Louro

With June and the annual celebration of our separation from the Saints fast approaching, it's probably time to talk about some of the games we've had.

The firsts are undefeated so far, having beaten the Canucks 15-12, the Rams 46-7, and Lethbridge 41-7. (Not too shabby, 102-26 overall.) Things are looking up for them against the Saints this weekend; it should be a good match.

The first-division women have not enjoyed as much success as their male counterparts early in the season. They are 0-2 after losses to the Stingers (26-0) and Lethbridge (18-0). They'll be looking for their inaugural win against the Red and White on Saturday.

The seconds are 1-1 heading into their third match. They started the season with a loss 30-3 at the hands of the Canucks, but rebounced nicely to beat Banff 20-12 on Saturday. The Saints seconds beat the Rams by a pair of tries and got beaten handily by the Irish.

The thirds are off to a strong campaign with victories over the Irish (26-20) and Lethbridge (46-12). Their opponents for this weekend got by the Irish 25-21 in their only reported match.

On to the juniors: the improvised spring U19 league has been kind to the Saracens; they have won all their matches so far (barring bad news from the Irish game last night), and done so handily. The U16s are also enjoying large margins of victory, but nobody really knows how large as we're not officially keeping score.

Stay tuned for a great article from resident master journalist Gavin Schafer following the Saracens/Saints weekend.