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From the Saracen Press

Memorial Matches

Posted on 2004-09-27 by Nick Dodd

Nick Dodd here, with an update on the goings on for this weekend. As you are all aware, the memorial match for Brian and Joah will be on Sunday at 3:30pm at the Irish with a BBQ or pizza to follow.

There's no charge or fee to play, it's just a chance to get out the boots and pull on the jersey and pay homage to a fallen friend. It would be awesome to have a huge turnout, to show that even a year later we're still holding their memory dear.

As an adjunct to game on Sunday, we're going to be having a bit of a bash on Saturday night at Molly's. Along the lines of the fundraising efforts earlier in the season the cost will be 10 dollars per ticket, with a portion going to the scholarship fund in Brian and Joah's names. Wings and beer with your ticket of course, but more importantly the opportunity for great company and a lively debate on the fate of a quarter dropped in the middle of the Pacific ocean!

Hope everyone can make it out, if not to both than to one or the other. If anyone has any questions give me a call but otherwise take care and we'll see you this weekend.

Nick the stick (are you happy Kevin??)