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Stay a part of all the action with the Calgary Saracens Social Membership for $50.

New for 2019: If you register for a social membership for 5 consecutive years you will be added to the OGC at the Drummer level!


Thank you to all the Saracen supporters!


In late 2006, a fundraising initiative called the 500 Club was set in motion which encouraged veteran Saracen club members to donate $500 toward a potential future clubhouse. $8,500 was raised over two years of the program and the funds were left to grow as a part of a larger investment holding. Over time, the club had a need to use the funds in different ways and the original vision of a Saracen designated facility fell to the wayside.

The Order of the Green Crescent is a progression of the aforementioned program and aims to properly recognize past donations as well as to encourage future contributions to the Calgary Saracens RFC. This initiative introduces a progressive recognition system that will be accompanied by a corresponding rewards program.

Saladin’s Circle $10,000+ | TBA
Ken Moffat

Golden Scimitar $5,000 | Saracen tie and blazer

Silver Shield $2,000 | Crested wind jacket
Dan Walsh
Amy Foggin
John Verrall

Bronze Fez $1,000 | Saracen rugby jersey
John Croft
Bill Presse
Clark Olson
Bill (Sergei) Tooze
Eric Willis

Flag Bearer $500 | Crested golf shirt
Frank Buckley
John Dicey
Brent Forcade
Henry Gutsche
George Harrison
John Hitchcock
Rick Melia
Jim Oberheitmann
Bob Rama
Hal Spungin
Dawn Loucks

Drummer $200 | Crested ball cap
Dave Roberts
Steph Gervais

A plaque to honour the contributors has been mounted at the Saracen clubhouse but the Saracen website will be the location where donors are tracked. We will recognize contributors at future Saracen events.

We would like to sincerely thank all those whose names grace the ranks of the Order of the Green Crescent and encourage other veteran members to follow in their righteous footsteps.

Have we missed your name?

Please let us know if there is something miscalculated or we’ve missed you.